Director's Profile

Mr. Jaysinh A. Dave
(B. E. Civil)

For over two decades, Mr.Dave has paved unchartered territory in the real estate industry, creating a legacy in his wake His landmark contributions to the industry, courage to take the path less followed and keen sense of intuition to see opportunities where none apparently exist have brought the firm numerous awards and accolades.
A Civil Engineer involved in the formulation of corporate strategy and management, he is at the helm of the growth and diversification plans of the company.
A Passion for societal development through associating with charitable organisation.
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Mr. Jatin Daisaria

A remarkable visionary in his own right, Mr. Jatin Daisaria is an indispensable part of the Skyline Group. Witha degree in B.Com and a versatile experience of over 25 years in the real estate industry, Mr. Jatin’s strong business acumen and 360 degree knowledge about the industry has helped us broaden our business horizons. He has pioneered several conceptual innovations in various real estate ventures and plays an important role in planning and development. Apart from being an ardent team player and leader, he also takes a keen interest in the real estate association. Read more

Mr. Maulik H Dave
(, PGD in foreign trade)

A multi-talented leader, Mr. Dave has an astute business sense. His expertise in marketing, innovation and brand planning has helped us forge ahead in the world of real estate. A and Post Graduate in foreign trade, Mr. Dave has spearheaded many exciting changes in the way we design and create our projects. An active member of reputed statutory bodies like NAREDCO and MCHI, his talent speaks Read more

Mr Shilpin Tater
(B.E, M.B.A)

Mr. Tater is instrumental in charting new projects and products for our discerning buyers. A people person by nature, his sound understanding of the real estate arena and knack for decoding the lifestyle aspirations of contemporary buyers is what sets him apart.

With a sound background, having completed his BE, MBA as well as a course in International Economics from Harvard, Mr. Tater lends his expertise to the brand with an innate understanding of the market.

His acute interest in introducing newer innovations and trends to our projects has propelled us to reach greater heights.
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